To address any problem, you must first correctly determine the problem. Then identify the cause of the problem. The problem is not the gun but the person who uses the gun and the location where he is most likely to use it. Nest you harden the place and set about identifying the person who would use the gun.

More federal laws will have no effect on Shootings in general and mass shootings. Laws prohibiting the ownership of automatic weapons (weapons of war) were passed in the 40’s. Those calling for more laws are counting on the people’s lack of knowledge and familiarity with firearms jargon or terms.

Background checks would not have prevented a single mass public shooter in recent history from obtaining firearms. Would-be mass public shooters rarely have disqualifying criminal or mental health histories since all things that happen prior to turning 18 years old meaning, they will pass background checks when purchasing their firearms.

This is not a federal issue. This is a local issue.

Local and state administrations are the only ones who can stop these shootings, they escape responsibility by blaming federal gun laws. Yet they are the ones closest to the problem. Their police departments are the first line of defense but cannot operate without input from the community.

The House Appropriations Committee approved $2.3 billion in increases for school safety, local and state agencies need to use these grants to harden access to schools.

By the way, arming teachers will not solve this problem.

It cost more but any building and campus can be hardened by central surveillance, cameras, remote controlled entrances and exits. A series of fences and bushes can be used to direct traffic to the correct entrance without making the place look like a prison.