Showing no fear just evaluating everything it sees and classifying it as a threat or not a threat.  The wolf watches and waits with inhuman patients, silently going about his life unmolested and unmolesting. A predator to a food source only, not wantonly destroying as we humans do.

Some say the wolf will slink away on seeing a human but they read the signs incorrectly. Since the wolf does not see you as a danger he lowers his tail to show he means no harm and avoids contact by sliding into the brush. His howl puts fear in men but he is only calling his pack to the hunt for food. He is furiously loyal to his pups and pack. The pack is led by a alpha male and female, the guardians, and the pack returns the loyalty submitting to the dominance of the pack leaders.

The next time you are in the woods and hear a slight rustle of the bush. . . it is not a wolf for the wolf makes no sound as he approaches.  He will pass you by without your knowledge leaving neither foot print nor scent.

Learn from the wolf.

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