The lockdown imposed by Democrats has allowed Americans, deemed as non-essential, the time to listen to radio, computer and the news media to learn the truth about how Democrat’s will restrict them if they gain the Presidency. They claim that the 10th Amendment gives them the power to pass laws that they claim falls under the “promote the General Welfare” stated in the Preamble.

The Tenth Amendment protects Americans from big, intrusive federal government action. The heart of the Tenth Amendment is that the federal government has only those powers explicitly listed in the Constitution and all other powers are reserved to the States and to the people, and therefore explicitly denied to the federal government. In contrast, state governments have all powers not explicitly prohibited or withheld by the state constitution or by the U.S. Constitution.

Enumerated Powers

This “Pandemic” has given us a look at how Democrats plan to “Rule” if they gain power. Democrats want the Federal Government to rule the states and order them to follow all Federal directions. President Trump believes in the 10th Amendment, states rights. Rather than order the states to lockdown he declared a State of Emergency in order to make federal funds (taxes) available to states as they choose how their states would flatten the curve in the raise in cases. Most States instituted a lockdown to help flatten the curve including face mask and social distancing as added measures. Republican states started to relax lockdowns after the curve began flattening.

Democrat controlled States and Cities extended the lockdowns increasing the number of business deemed nonessential. Major retailers were exempted while more small business were forced to close.

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