Are we sure the democrat allegations against our President are an attempt to impeach President Trump? Democrats are not stupid they wouldn’t waste time on false charges unless it was to cover a more onerous action. Step back and take another look. all this has the feel of a psychological operation, not a very good one, but an attempt at one.

The FBI was front and center in the Russian interfering in our election. This investigation was started after receiving info from the CIA operatives Halper, Downer and Mifsud. This was first called a criminal investigation by the media but was corrected by the FBI to a counterintelligence investigation.

Intelligence investigations involving a foreign country are investigated by the CIA, the FBI investigates internal foreign crimes against the U.S. Both agencies knew the charges were lies and they would be unable to prove interference or collusion. Yet they pursued the investigation anyway. I don’t believe the investigation was about getting proof of collusion but to damage the Presidency for some future operation. Earlier comments by Democrat leaders seem to indicate all this started in 2015 and would have been used against any candidate who defeated H. Clinton.

The CIA keeps popping up in every investigation of President Trump by Democrats. In fact, they have been the agency prompting these investigations. The CIA has been overthrowing Governments since 1950. The Democrat part took on over site of the CIA in 1976.

It doesn’t make sense for the Democrats to demand impeachment when they know they do not have a provable case unless it is just to add distrust of Republicans. I will not be surprised if they attempt a physical coupe against President Trump should he win re election in 2020.

Or, is this all a smoke screen for massive voter fraud?

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