How Democrats lie

The truth

  • The Trump administration has issued new proposed regulations for the federal Title X family planning program that would make significant changes to the program and to the types of providers that qualify for funding.
  • These proposed regulations would:
    • Block the availability of federal funds to family planning providers like Planned Parenthood that also offer abortion services;
    • Curtail counseling and referrals to abortion services by Title X funded providers;
    • Eliminate current requirements that Title X sites offer a broad range of medically approved family planning methods and non-directive pregnancy options counseling that includes information about prenatal care/delivery, adoption, and abortion; and
    • Direct new funds to faith-based and other organizations that promote fertility awareness and abstinence as methods of family planning.
  • Sites that do not offer abortion services may still qualify for Title X funds….

This writer assumes that no one will check her statements and knows that the newspaper Opinion editor does not check for truthfulness.

Anyone familiar with the Title X program knows that Title X funds were only taken away from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers but are still available to other women’s health organizations. These organizations are based locally in the community and more accessible that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.

 Knowing this she goes on to create the lie that President Trump has stopped women from getting funds for women’s health. Even though she knows that the Vice President had nothing to do with the law she throws in his name to insinuate that Title X is being taken away because of religion.

I don’t know why Democrats/Liberals/Progressives find it necessary to lie about so much. Do they believe these lies themselves or just think voters are stupid?

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