Things that make you go humm

When one side loses power in third world countries the losing side tries to intimate voters with threats of violence and false accusations published by the news organizations that support them. The party losing power accuse the incoming leader of fraud, being a puppet for some foreign power or charges the incoming party will setup a dictatorship and kill or lock up dissenters. They go on to circulate lies through their media.

I have heard most of my life that one of the things that separates the US from third world countries is the peaceful transfer of power. We have had a peaceful transfer of power for over 250 years. There have been some disputed election results but the transfer of power to the incoming party has always been smooth without a major incident. Until this election.

Democrats are disrupting this transfer of power in a manner found in third world dictatorships. Electors were threatened, demonstrations and violence were planned for inauguration day. Democrats and the news media claim it is about Clinton losing the election. If this is true, what was so important about having H. Clinton as President?

Did they have plans that required her as President, what were they? Maybe they were worried about corruption being unmask.

What was so important in this election to make Democrats try to undermine this selection for President verging on the borders of insurrection?

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